Animal Crossing New Horizons Art Guide | Redd Art Fake and Real Paintings

By | April 6, 2021

Here is the complete guide on Animal Crossing New Horizons Art guide as the merchant named Cousin Redd is selling some Real and fake arts. So if you find to identify between real and fake art, we would suggest you go through this easy guide.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Art Guide

In Animal Crossing, there is a merchant who sells Artworks and his name is Cousin Redd. He sells a lot of different kinds of paintings and sculptures but you need to be beware of that, if you are thinking why then let me inform you that the painting he sells you is not always real. And to make sure that you get the correct Art then you will have to know and spot the difference, and it is not easy to spot the difference.

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Below, you can find out Animal Crossing New Horizons Art Guide and this complete and easy guide will help you to identify the difference between real and fake paintings, have a look. But before that, I would suggest you check this out: How to Get Zipper Toy in Animal Crossing? As the bunny day event is currently going on in Animal Crossing and if you have an amazing chance to grab some special rewards.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Art Guide

Cousin Redd sells popular and famous arts and painting from all over the world in Animal Crossing. But there is a big problem in those arts and paintings, sometimes he sells you fake paintings and sometimes he sells you real paintings, and it depends upon you that if you are able to identify the difference or not.

When it comes to buying the arts then you can find Redd off the coast of your island. However, you will have to donate a total of 60 items before that. You have to donate 5 items to Tom Nook, and 15 to Blathers in the tent. When blathers ask you that he is ready to take donations then Redd will appear the very next day.

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The first art that you will get from Redd will always be genuine so buy the art and give it to Blathers. He will offer you random art. Now, you can only find Redd on the island on some other day and not the same day. Checkout: Animal Crossing Build a Bear UK, Australia Release Date, Workshop, Characters 2021

Now, you have to board on Redd’s boat which should be there off the coast. Now you will come to a seedy store where Jolly Redd would be selling some furniture as well as the paintings. And whenever you visit him, he will display you 4 artworks in which some of them would be genuine and some of them would be fake.

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Below, the Animal Crossing New Horizons Art Guide continues and you can find out how to identify the arts and paintings.

How to identify fake and real Arts: Animal Crossing New Horizons Art Guide

Here are some of the arts from Redd which can be seen as real or fake:

Real                                                                        Fake

There is no artichoke pinned on the shirt.

Fake                                                                             Real

The character has very pronounced eyebrows.


Fake                                                                         Real

The woman’s size is almost the entire height of the portrait, instead of around half the size.

So now you know how to identify the real and fake painting in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

So this was all about Animal Crossing New Horizon Art Guide | Redd Art Fake and Real Paintings. Hopefully, you will like our approach.

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