How to make concrete in Minecraft 1.16 – Easy guide

Concrete in Minecraft

concrete in minecraft

Concrete is one of the best decorative building blocks available in the game. Concrete in Minecraft is available in 16 types of colors mentioned below:

  • White concrete
  • Orange concrete
  • Magenta concrete
  • Light blue concrete
  • Yellow concrete
  • Lime concrete
  • Pink concrete
  • Grey concrete
  • Cyan concrete
  • Light grey concrete
  • Purple concrete
  • Blue concrete
  • Brown concrete
  • Red concrete
  • Black concrete
  • Concrete in Minecraft can be mined only with a pickaxe.
  • It is formed when concrete powder comes in contact with water.

Before moving further we’ll first discuss how to craft concrete powder in Minecraft,

Generating Concrete in Minecraft:

  • Crafting of concrete powder:

concrete in minecraftYou will require the following things to craft concrete powder in Minecraft;

    • 4 sand: You can use any of the available sand. Both red-sand and regular sand should be fine while crafting concrete powder. You can find sand easily in biomes and areas like Desert Biome, Beaches, Mesa Biome, and Riverbanks
    • 4 Gravel: Gravel can be found almost everywhere in Minecraft. It can be found abundantly near river banks, gravelly mountain, water ponds, beaches, etc.
    • 1 dye: You can use any of the available dyes in the game. You can refer to our article on Minecraft dyes for more ease.
      • Open crafting table menu by right-clicking over the crafting table.
      • Place the desired die in the center of the crafting slot.
      • Place gravel in each corner slot.
      • Then simply just fill the remaining ones with sand.
      • After crafting you can drag concrete powder in your inventory from the crafting result slot.
        • You refer the following image to craft concrete in Minecraft:

concrete in minecraft

  • Making concrete from concrete powder:
      • Place a block of concrete powder on the ground
      • While holding a water bucket in your hand, right-click on the concrete powder.
      • There you go!!! As soon as the concrete powder will come in contact with water it will get converted into a concrete block.
      • You can mine it further using any pickaxe to acquire it. Make sure not to mine it with any other tool or bare hands. otherwise, it’ll not drop anything.
  • You can make this process faster by simply placing too many concrete powder with flowing water passing through each block converting them into concrete powder. For more ease, you can use the nearest large water source like a river or ocean. Start by placing concrete powder near riverbanks or ocean beach on contact with water to convert them into concrete blocks easily.
  • You can also make your build using concrete powder and then you can flow the water over your build to convert all those concrete powder into concrete blocks.
  • You can also go beyond the limits by making complicated Redstone contraption to make an automatic concrete maker.
  • You’ll need the following materials to make an AFK Auto Concrete Maker:
    • 1 observer: Can be crafted using 6 cobblestones, 2 Redstone, and 1 nether quartz in the 3×3 crafting grid.
    • 5 droppers: Can be crafted using 7 cobblestones and 1 redstone in the 3×3craftinggrid
    • 4 redstone repeater: Can be crafting using 3 stones, 2 redstone torches, and 1 redstone in the 3×3 craftinggrid.
    • 1 redstone comparator: Can be crafted using 3 stones, 3 redstone torches, and 1 nether quartz in the 3×3craftinggrid
    • 9 redstone dust: Can be obtained by simply mining redstone ore using iron or better pickaxe.
    • 1 redstone torch: Can be crafted easily using a redstone dust and a stick
    • 8 hoppers: Can be crafted using 5 iron ingots and 1 chest in the 3×3crafting grid.
    • Some building blocks: Any building block should work fine.
    • Any 2 slabs: You can use any of the available slabs in Minecraft.
    • Door: Any door should work fine.
    • Water bucket: Bucket can be crafting using 3 iron ingots.
    • Obsidian: Gets generated when flowing water is mixed with still lava.
    • 5 chests: can be crafted using 8 wooden planks.
    • 8 trapdoors: Can be crafted using 6 wooden planks.
  • You can use this farm to obtain concrete in Minecraft very efficiently without any problem.
  • You can follow the following video by @maddog142 showing a detailed and correct explanation for making an automatic concrete farm in Minecraft.

I hope after reading this article you’re now ready to make concrete in Minecraft without any problem. If you still have any issue or questions regarding this issues you can comment down below.

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