Jormungandr Smite Build

We have brought this article that will help you to explore the Jormungandr Smite Build. In this article, you can explore the complete information regarding the build of Jormungandr Smite.

Jormungandr Smite Build
Jormungandr Smite Build

Jormungandr is one of the newest gods in the Smite. He comes from the Norse pantheon and is classified as a Guardian. It can be the biggest God. The Guardian says the support role is due to various reasons. When we would talk about its as passive, then it is Immovable that is very strong. He would not be affected by the hard displacement.

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You should understand that he would not be affected by any of the abilities such as push, knock, or pull by him. Immovable can make him a great choice against teams. His auto attacks are also unique. He can spit a fire-like projectile in a cone in front of him. The meter can also regain fuel as you can stop auto-attacking. Jorm’s autos can kill the wards as well as Ah Puch corpses.

Jormungandr Smite Build

It needs to build damage. He feels very useless without a mix of damage as well as defense items. Here, we will check an example of a build that works in most situations, as well as outline some substitutions that you must make for certain matchups.

Warrior’s Blessing is a great item on Jorm for the starter item. It will also provide him protection as well as some sustain in the lane. In case you want to buy a Chalice of Healing as well as some Health Potions. In case, you want to buy your boots, Shoes of the Magi or Shoes of Focus are also preferred choices on Jorm. It depends on your land matchup. After this, you can go into Void Stone. Once you have bought Void Stone or Breastplate, you have to buy the other item that you didn’t purchase yet.

Gem of Isolation is an amazing pickup. This slow can also help the teammates land their own abilities as well as auto attacks. Mantle of Discord is another helpful item for Jorm. In case you are facing too much damage from the ADC then you can simply grab a Midgardian Mail or Hide of the Nemean Lion.

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After explaining Jormungandr Smite Build, we would like to explain the build of the Jormungandr:

His first ability is known as Venomous Haze. Jorm can spit out a circular pool that can damage as well as solo the enemies inside. It also does a lot of damage on hit as well as tick damage to any of the enemies that are standing in it for the duration of the pool.

Each ability outside his ultimate can interact with it in some way. It has a very long range and it is his main means of poking. You can also hit the Totem of Ku with it while clearing the wave.

  • Initial Damage: 80/120/160/200/240 (+40% of your Magical Power)
  • Damage per tick: 5/15/25/35/45(+5% of your Magical Power)
  • Slow: 15%
  • Slow Duration: 1s
  • Cloud Duration: 20s

We have explained the complete information regarding Jormungandr Smite Build. You can stay tuned with us for further information regarding the Jormungandr. As soon we get any information regarding the Jormungandr, we will be the first to inform you.

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It was the complete guide on Jormungandr Smite Build. Now, we would like to conclude this article with the hope that you have got the complete information regarding the Jormungandr Smite. If you have any queries regarding the build of the Jormungandr Smite, then you can ask us in the comment section. We would be happy to solve your queries regarding Jormungandr Smite Build.

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