Sony PlayStation PS5 Console Games Release Date 2020

Sony PlayStation PS5 Console Games Release Date

Everyone is waiting for the new generation console, Sony didn’t announce the proper Sony PlayStation PS5 Console Games Release Date. In the event “The Future Of Gaming” Sony showed a look at PlayStation5 in June. The design of PS5 is best and it is the disc-less edition with a big list of games. Sony didn’t share all the features of PS5, some are the remaining secrets.

The probable chance to Sony Console Games Release Date is Nov20. Before this PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 were launched on the third Friday of November in North America and as per that the guess is on this year the third Friday is dated November 20, So all have to wait for the exact Sony Console Games Release Date.

Sony PlayStation PS5 Console Games Release Date
Sony PlayStation PS5 Console Games Release Date

What are the specifications Sony PlayStation 5 has?

  • Sony PS5 has greater performance, It has about 5 times more better performance compared to PlayStation 4 and also about dual-speed performance than PS4 Pro.
  • The new PS5 has 8K quality and frame rates are about 120 frames per second.
  • Graphics features have cutting edge graphics like hardware-accelerated real-time ray tracing in games.
  • Maximum operating frequency of PS5 has 2.23 GHz and the top performance level is 10.28 Teraflops.
  • The console has 16GB of GDDR6 RAM.
  • Clock Speed is set about 3.5GHz which is really great.
  • Sony gives the storage solution in the form of a trump card which built-up storage interface is about 5.5GB/s raw and 8-9 GB/s compressed.
  • Sony gives the user to add more storage by connecting NCMe SSD into the expansion bay.

    The performance and the great features are attracted the game lovers to buy and everyone wants to know Sony PlayStation PS5 Console Games Release Date.

    What about the look of Sony PlayStation 5?

    • The look of all PlayStation is good but the choice of look is most arguable about the design of console itself.
    • There are two colors with different ratio white is more than black in the PS5 the actual shape is like an award that covered with white cover and at the middle, there is a black color.

    Sony Launches two different models

    • Sony launches two different models of PS5, One is the default model that comes with Blue-ray drive and another is the Digital edition model that has no optical drive.

    Ports Available in the PS5 console

    • In the front panel one USB C-type port, One USB A-Port and a power button.

    Accessories with the PS5

    • Wireless Controller with great performance.
    • Charging Station.
    • A media remote.
    • A Depth Sensing camera will useful while using VR headset but may you have to pay extra for that.
    • 3D wireless headset with 3D audio technology.

    As all the feature, accessories and the great performance with the beautiful look Sony is going to launch that console but as not the exact date announced by Sony all the lovers have the question Sony PlayStation PS5 Console Games Release Date? Definitely Sony will announce very soon about the launching date of the console.

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