Apex 8.1 Patch Notes Update Today on February 25, MASTIFF NERF! Server Fixes and Big Changes

Respawn Entertainment has provided some info related to the Apex 8.1 Patch Notes. This will be a nerf update for Apex Legends which will be released anytime soon. During the update, a server downtime will be announced, we have provided all the info related to the Apex Legends MASTIFF Nerf update and the server downtime, below.

Apex 8.1 Patch Notes

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Respawn Entertainment is going to release the Apex Legends update 8.1 anytime soon, and we already have exclusive information about the patch notes. They have made some tweets related to the Mastiff Nerf update for Apex Legends and the server downtime. During the server maintenance you won’t be able to buy anything from the store, you also won’t be able to access the inventory and the cosmetic unlocks. Also, you can only play the default characters during this server maintenance.

Below, we have provided full information about the Apex 8.1 Patch Notes, Mastiff Nerf Update, and the server maintenance, have a look.

Apex 8.1 Patch Notes Update, Mastiff Nerf and Server Maintenance

When it comes to the Apex 8.1 Patch Notes then here is some info about that. So the first info you can get is from the Respawn Entertainment tweet, they said that server maintenance is going to be announced soon, there is no info about the time. After this server downtime has been announced you won’t be able to make a purchase from the store. Also, you won’t be able to play with other new characters, apart from default characters, you can’t even access the cosmetic items and inventory.

Here is the official tweet:

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Apex Legends 8.1 Update Server Maintenance: According to the info we have got, the maintenance will begin at 02:30 AM Pacific Standard Time on the 25th of Feb, 2021. It can also begin at 05:30 AM on the Pacific standard time, we are not guessing the time but it is what we have got from our sources. The maintenance will go on for 3 hours only.

According to reports, all the servers will be fixed and you won’t have to play on those bloody servers.

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Apex 8.1 Patch Notes: Mastiff Nerf Teaser Update

According to Ryan K. Rigney Twitter handle, the Apex 8.1 Patch Notes will be less than 3,000 words. But we want to say that the players are expecting to get the removed constant from these patch notes. also, they want the rev totem to get removed, and last thing, the Rafe Nerf, should be removed too (JOKE). There is actually no info that if there is going to be a nerf or some changes to the mastiff.

We are expecting a Mastiff nerf in the next update, so you can expect the mastiff nerf in the near future or in the few upcoming weeks in March 2021. All this will be happening on the 9th March, by the way. But the server update will be happening tonight at 02:30 AM Pacific Standard Time.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach on Apex 8.1 Patch Notes Update Today on February 25, MASTIFF NERF! Server Fixes and Big Changes.

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