Empires and Puzzles Update 30.0.3

By | August 13, 2020

Empires and Puzzles Update 30.0.3 is here and all players of this game are excited to know the new features that are added in the game along with the changes made in their favorite game.

So, we have brought this article to provide you the complete information on Empires and Puzzles Update 30.0.3, its patch notes, and complete details of this latest update. Let’s explore all changes in the game.

empires and puzzles update

Empires and Puzzles Update

The latest Empire and Puzzles Update 30.0.3 is rolled out and it is now available to download. You can easily download this latest update of this game on your mobile from the Play Store on Android or from the App Store on iOS.

Here, we have provided the complete Empire and Puzzles Update Patch Notes. You can check out all the changes made in the game through this list of patch notes.

Added Hero Academy

Here Academy is added in the game through this latest update.

  • You can train as well as Retrain heroes and troops in Hero Academy.

Updated Alchemy Lab

Alchemy Lab is also updated in the game. You will get the following features in Alchemy Lab after updating the game.

  • 10 new recipes are added to Alchemy Lab.
  • Food, Material, as well as Gem costs, are also adjusted to Alchemy Lab in the game.
  • Alkashard amounts are adjusted in Empires and Puzzles game.
  • Combine Rewards of Alkashard are also adjusted.
  • The amount of Alkashards to combine is also reduced from 10000 to 1000.

Path of Valor is Updated

The Path of Valor is also updated in the game through Empires and Puzzles Update version 30.0.3.

  • New challenges are added to the Path of Valor.

Updated Empire of Sand Event

Empire of Sand Event is also updated in this latest release. You will see these changes in the Empire of Sand Event.

  • New Easy difficulty is added in the game.
  • New Hero is also here.
  • New Rewards are added in the Empire of Sand Event.
  • You will also get new Enemies in Empire of Sand Event of the game through this update.
  • Balance is now changed to Normal as well as Advanced difficulties.
  • A total of two new tiles are added to the game.

Balance Changes

1. Titanium Shield

  • Now, the amount of damage deflected back will depend on the rarity of the hero on which the Titanium shield is used. Here is the amount of damage based on the rarity of the hero.
    • 1* – There will be 20% damage
    • 2* – There will be 40% damage
    • 3*  – There will be 60% damage
    • 4*  – There will be 80% damage
    • 5* – There will be 100% damage

2. Captain of Diamonds

  • There will be attacks on a new target randomly if any minions were destroyed has been changed. If the target had minions, they will attack another enemy having Minions. If any enemy is not having Minions, they will attack randomly on any enemy. But, keep it in mind that each enemy can be attacked only one time.

Smaller Fixes and Changes in the game

Apart from these major changes and added features, you will also notice smaller changes in the game. These minor fixes and changes are going to include visual issues on the killing of Stonecleave with yellow titan, bugs fixes, and other small changes in the game through Empires and Puzzles Update.

Conclusion: Empires and Puzzles Update

In conclusion, we hope that you have got the complete information on Empires and Puzzles Update. Now, you can easily enjoy these newly added features and changes made in the game. If you have any questions or queries related to this update, you can ask us in the comment section. We are here to help you in solving all your queries and questions.

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