Fall Guys New Update Time, New Levels, Patch Notes

By | August 13, 2020

Every player of Fall Guys is excited to know the Fall Guys New Update Time. This amazing multiplayer game is going to receive this amazing update today. A new level is also going to be included in this update of the game.

Here, you will get the complete information on Fall Guys New Update Time, Patch Notes, as well as Fall Guys new levels that are being added in this game through this update. Let’s explore them.

fall guys new update time


Fall Guys New UpdateTime

As we all know that the developer of this game was going to release this latest update on November 12, 2020, i.e. yesterday. But now, this latest update of the game is going to release on November 13, 2020. Yes, the latest Fall Guys Update is going to release today.

If we talk about the Fall Guys New Update Time, it is not cleared by the developer of this game. So, you will have to look for this update continuously. If the update time is revealed, we will update you as soon as possible.

Till now, there is not any update about the Fall Guys New Update Time. We only know that it is going to release today.

You are going to see a lot of new features in this latest update of the game including a new level. This level was shown in the beta version. Now, this level is going to be added to the stable version of the game.

Fall Guys New Levels

You are going to see the new level ‘Jump Showdown‘ in the game. Actually, this level was available in the game in the beta version. But now, it is arriving in the stable version. This level is very popular among all beta version players of this game.

Complete Patch Notes

Here is the list of complete Patch Notes of this latest update.

  • In order to add more final round variation, the weighting for Royal Fumble is now lowered in the game.
  • The game was crashing if certain regional calendars were set in the operating system of the player’s device. Now, this crash on the launch of the game is fixed.
  • Now, the messaging for matchmaking as well as server errors are improved.
  • On levels like Tip Toe, the physics was behaving erratically if you were playing at high framerate. Now, this problem is also fixed.
  • Crown was not being grabbable in rare situations in the Fall Mountain location. This problem is also fixed.
  • Some collisions are addressed in the Block Party that was allowing players to bypass the blocks.
  • Due to too many requests, Parties were failing sometimes. Now, this problem is solved.
  • Some special characters are addressed that were causing display issues in player names.
  • Big Tease Achievement was not unlocking in some specific regions. This error is now fixed.
  • Some game controller models were not being detected on the PC. Due to this, players were having difficulties in playing this game on PC. This problem is also solved now.

This amazing game has been sold more than 2 million copies until now. At this time, it is one of the most popular games in the world. If you have not tried it yet, you are missing this amazing game. So, get your copy of this game and enjoy it.

Conclusion: Fall Guys New Update Time

In conclusion, we hope that you have got complete information about Fall Guys New Update time, Patch Notes, as well as Fall Guys new levels added in the game. If you have any questions or queries related to this latest update, you can ask us in the comment section. We are here to help you in solving all your queries and questions.

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