Ghost of Tsushima Main Missions and Side Quests | How long is Ghost of Tsushima?

What are some of Ghost of Tsushima main missions, How long Ghost of Tsushima is, and How many total missions are there? Ghost of Tsushima long some time ago but fans still ask and search these questions on Google, and we just wanted to clear your doubt about this awesome game and its missions.

Ghost of Tsushima Main Missions

Ghost of Tsushima is an open-world samurai game. The game has a lot of missions and side quests and an amazing story. The fans have still a lot of queries raising in their minds thinking about the Ghost of Tsushima Main Missions, How long Ghost of Tsushima is, and How many total missions are there along with the side quests.

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So here in this guide, we have tried to clear all your doubts regarding Ghost of Tsushima, have a look.

All about Ghost of Tsushima Main Missions and Gameplay Time

If you are just thinking that you only want to know the gameplay time and not the time which a player usually takes to complete the side quests available in the game. If you only complete the story and do not touch the side quests then it will take around 25 hours to complete the game, you will know everything about the main story but you won’t be able to cover the side quests in this time, but if you add side quests as well then it can easily go up to 40 hours. But we did not try to play the game along the side quests to know the average gameplay time of Ghost of Tsushima.

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The gameplay time will obviously vary, depending upon which level of a player you are. In our team, an average player completed the whole game along with the side quest in 45 hours which is not bad and if you are a good player then it will take you between 40-45 hours to complete the whole game.

The Ghost of Tsushima has a total of 3 Acts in which the last one, Act III is the shortest one. The first and the second are very similar to each other in gameplay time. When the game start, there is a prologue of around 1 hour straight. After the prologue ends, you will be free to move anywhere in the region.

After you have completed Act I, you will be allowed to go into the northern region which is called Totoyama and the Kamiagata. The South region of the map is known as Izuhara.

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Now, let’s focus on our main topic which is “Ghost of Tsushima Main Missions”, have a look.

Ghost of Tsushima Main Missions: Tales and Acts

As we have already told you that there are a total of 3 Acts which contains a total of 24 Main Missions. Some of the main missions in Ghost of Tsushima such as “The Tale of Lady Masako” and “The Tale of Sensei Ishikawa” is a spin-off of some side quest which are present in the game.  After you complete these missions, you will be able to play 3 main missions.

Some side content in Ghost of Tsushima:

  • Eight Mythic Tales, each compensating you with extraordinary stuff or capacities – or both.
  • Six character stories, with a modest bunch of multi-part missions inside them; there are nine individual journeys in the Tale of Sensei Ishikawa for example, four in the Tale of Yuna, etc.
  • The Tales of Tsushima, which are one-off side missions that you get indiscriminately from laborers, either through conversing with them in towns or those that you salvage from arbitrary experiences with meandering Mongols in the open country.
  • Different collectible-style exercises, for example, finding Hot Springs and Bamboo Strikes, which give rewards, for example, character overhauls and new things.

So this was all about Ghost of Tsushima Main Missions.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach on Ghost of Tsushima Main Missions.

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