How to Get Diggersby Pokemon Go in April 2021? India and the USA

The Spring Collection challenge is currently going on in Pokemon Go. It is quite difficult to understand the Diggersby task. So here is How to get Diggersby Pokemon Go in April 2021. This guide is mainly for the USA and India but you can follow this guide as there will be no different for other countries as well, have a look.

How to Get Diggersby Pokemon Go

The Spring Collection Challenge is currently active in Pokemon Go and many users are unable to understand the Diggersby task clear, and it is actually quite confusing for us as well, while all the tasks are easy to understand. Some things are getting mixed up, so it is becoming difficult to understand this task. So, we decided to make a guide on this by testing out the task ourselves.

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So below, you can find the easy and complete guide on How to get Diggersby Pokemon Go in April 2021, have a look. But before proceeding with the guide, you can read this guide:Pokemon Go Rayquaza Raid Guide (April 2021).

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How to Get Diggersby Pokemon Go in April 2021?

This is not the first time that players are not able to understand the task but it has happened before as well. And it is actually quite obvious and happens in other games as well. Well, coming back to our main topic which is How to get Diggersby Pokemon Go in April 2021 then let me tell you that in the Spring Collection Challenge objective you may notice a small mark or symbol which can be seen next to some Pokemon. Diggersby is one of that symbol which tells you that how you can get him to mark the task as complete.

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You may not remember this symbol but let me tell you that this is the evolve symbol which you have seen in the Kanto Tour. There was a challenge that was based on evolving the Pokemon.

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Now you know about How to Get Diggersby Pokemon Go in April 2021, so let’s proceed further.

How to Get Diggersby Pokemon Go?

If you want to check the Diggersby in the Sprint COllection chellneghe then you need to take a Bunnelby and after that evolve them into the Diggersby. And this will only cost you around 50 Bunnerlby Candy. And if you are playing the game for a long time or you are playing it often then you must have these candies.

Or you can also use an incense to beat them in the raid and hatch them from eggs. Also, this is the first appearance of Shiny Bunnerlby in Pokemon Go, so we would you to try and get them in this event. (

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And when you have got the 50 Bunnelby Candies then you can just evolve them and that is how you can get the Diggersby for the Spiring Collection challenge in Pokemon Go. Checkout:How to Get Unova Stone Evolutions in Pokemon Go?

If you have any queries or suggestion then do let us know in the comment section and we will try our level best to provide you with the best possible solution out there. And hopefully, you can get the Diggersby in Pokeomon Go.

Pokemon Go is now available to download on Android and iOS to play.

So this was all about How to Get Diggersby Pokemon Go in April 2021 in India and the USA. Hopefully, you will like our approach.

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