Minecraft Far Lands generation- Easy guide (version prior to 1.16)

Minecraft Far Lands

Minecraft far lands

Did you ever wonder what’s at the end of the world after traveling millions of blocks? Yeah, we’re referring to Minecraft far lands here. Far lands are the terrain generation error found at the end of the world. Bedrock far lands and Java Far lands are somewhat different due to terrain generation mechanics. Eventually, far lands do not generate in flat worlds due to the absence of a noise generator. For most of the players, they’re still kind of mystery though.

Minecraft far lands in Bedrock edition

Minecraft far lands in bedrock edition are kind of different from those generated in java as mentioned above. This can be due to a lack of momentum in gravityphillic blocks like gravel and sand, resulting in better performance.

Minecraft far lands in multiplayer

In multiplayer Minecraft, far lands can be different considering the server owner. This is because the different server uses the different world and hence generation of far lands are also different in respective servers. Like some far lands can simply be a sky grid type (for 1.15 or below versions) and some can be in the form of ocean/bedrock. Some can be in the form of zig-zag patterns due to the edgy generation of caves with far lands.

Minecraft far lands generation mechanics

Minecraft far lands can be generated to maximum height up-to y=128 considering the maximum terrain generation height. Their generation can be different for different biomes and entities. Example: fossil and treasure chest generation can take place in the air without touching any block, Warm and lukewarm ocean biomes at the edge can generation in the form of desert patches and normal oceans can generate in the form of grass blocks. entities like shipwrecks and ruins can generate above the terrain generation limit.

Minecraft Far lands generation pattern

Minecraft far lands are not generated irregularly instead they’re generated in form of certain patterns like Skygrid, loops, the comb-like pattern, Z strip lands, X type Far Lands, tunnels, dotted-blocks, or some many create a transition to pole lands.

How to make your way to far lands

After the release of beta 1.8 players are somewhat restricted to reach far lands without using cheats or mods. There’s only one way to reach there after 1.8, that’s traveling millions of blocks by walking.

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However, elytra can also be a great option if you’re pro enough to repair it regularly.

Minecraft far lands

We’d recommend you to use enchantments like Unbreaking III and Mending for more economy. I’d take just 4 weeks and 6 days just by walking to reach far lands. If you’ve enough time, definitely you can give it a try.

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If you prefer smart work instead of hard work you can teleport yourself using cheats to far lands. The Command can be typed as,

/tp [PlayerName] 12550821 64 12550821

It’d take you to the very edge of far land.

What is beyond Minecraft Far lands?

Farthest land can be found after going deep into far lands. They are somewhat similar to far lands but at the same time, they’re stretched out a bit than usual making them wider and smoother.

Points to consider before making your way to far lands:
  • Far lands do not generate in end.
  • Far land dosen’t exist in console versions.
  • Most of the blocks in far land are corrupted.
  • You may end up getting stumbled over bad also known as a corrupted chuck, which may often crash your game.

  • You cannot walk at the edge of far lands, because it may fall you to death.
  • After 1.7.2 bedrock wall is often generated which will fall as soon as you’ll reach there.
  • Mine-cart with chest generated at the edge will fall off once you’ll reach there. This chest can be seen only from large render distances.
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  • World border can be a major issue in your journey if you’re playing in version after 1.18.
Who made it to far lands in the survival world so far?

On the date, 19th June 2020 a Youtuber named KilloCrazyMan made it to far lands in his 100% survival world which got received huge fame. Even Minecraft creator named Notch himself appreciated his efforts. You can check out his channel fromhere, entitled with The first person in the world to travel 12,550,821 blocks to reach the far lands in Minecraft. :). His world is approximately 75 GB as of June 21st, 2020. He started his journey on date November 8th, 2019 (about 9 months ago).

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