PlayStation Update 8.00 Problems – Error Code WS-44369-6

By | October 15, 2020

PlayStation Update 8.00 Problems are disturbing gamers from having a smooth experience with their console. They are facing the problem after downloading the latest update version 8.00. Due to this, all the owners of PS4 want to know all the problems occurring after installing this update.

Here, you will know all details about PlayStation Update 8.00 Problems, the meaning of error code WS-44369-6, and other information. Let’s explore the details of this latest problem without any delay.

playstation update 8.00 problems

PlayStation Update 8.00 Problems

Updates are meant to bring improvements in the system or software, but sometimes, problems occur in the system due to an update unwillingly. Such a case happened now. PlayStation Update 8.00 Problems are not allowing the owners of PS4 to use their console in the best manner. Some problems are being reported by the players. They are getting the error code WS-44369-6. Due to this, they want to know the meaning of this error code.

Currently, the exact meaning of error code WS-44369-6 is unknown. Players are reporting different problems for this error code. We have mentioned the known errors and their solutions below. If you are also facing any of the given problems, you can try the given solution.

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Problem 1 and its Fix

The first problem faced by some PS4 owners is that they are unable to access the friend list on their console. If you regularly check the friend list on PS4, then this problem must be very irritating to you.

For now, you can search for your friends manually or you can also use the playing now feed. It is just an alternative to the problem. For the exact fix, you will have to wait for the release of a hotfix from Sony.

Problem 2 and its Fix

Some owners of PS4 are facing the slow down of PS4. It is really annoying for anyone to use a slow system. Currently, there is not any fix or alternate for it. You will have to face this problem until when Sony releases a hotfix to fix this problem.

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If you have not installed this update, then do not install it. Wait for more time as Sony will definitely fix all the problems occurring in the console due to this latest update. Waiting will help you in getting a better user experience. It is your decision to install this latest update now. We will recommend to not install it, but if you cannot wait to see all the changes made in your console, then install the update and become ready to encounter the following problems.

We have also provided the complete Patch Notes of this latest update for which you will have to spend about 500 MB of data. In case you have not read the patch notes, then check it now below.

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This latest update is mainly based on some changes made in the console. It includes the merger of two different features, enhancement of 2-Step Verification, better Parental control, and much more. For detailed information, check out the complete patch notes of this latest update on our site. The link is given above.

The was complete information about PlayStation Update 8.00 Problems. If you are facing any other issue after installing this latest update, then you can share your issue with us.

Conclusion: PlayStation Update 8.00 Problems

In conclusion, we hope that you have got the complete details about the PlayStation Update 8.00 Problems and Error Code WS-44369-6. If you have any doubts or questions related to this latest problem related to the update version 8.00, you can ask us in the comment section. We are here to help you in solving all your doubts and queries.

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