All you Need to Know About Vibrava Pokemon GO including Vibrava Weakness in 2020

We have brought this article for you to tell you about all details about Vibrava Pokemon GO. Every player of this game wants to know Vibrava Weakness, Evolution, Attack, Stamina, and much more.

In this article, we will cover each and every information of Vibrava Pokemon GO for you. You will get the complete information of this Pokemon in this single article. So, let’s start seeing all details of this article without any delay.

vibrava pokemon go

About Vibrava Pokemon GO

Vibrava is one of the best Pokemon available in the Pokemon GO. It is a Ground as well as Dragon-Type Pokemon. This amazing Pokemon gets boosted in Sunny as well as Windy weather. There are a lot of best moves of this Pokemon that we will cover in the next section of this article. Apart from that, Vibrava has three weaknesses.

Now, we will the best moves of this amazing Pokemon.

Best Moves of Vibrava Pokemon GO

Here is the complete list of all the best moves of Vibrava.

  • Mud Shot and Bug Buzz
  • Mud Shot and Bulldoze
  • Dragon Breath and Bug Buzz
  • Dragon Breath and Bulldoze
  • Dragon Breath and Sand Tomb
  • Mud Shot and Sand Tomb

Now, we will see the weakness of this Vibrava Pokemon GO.

Weakness of Vibrava

Now, we will see all the weaknesses of this Ground and Dragon Pokemon. It will help you in knowing its weaknesses.

  • Dragon (It has to deal with 160% damage)
  • Fairy (It has to deal with 160% damage)
  • Ice (It has to deal with 256% damage)

Now, we will see when this Pokemon is strong.

The resistance of this Pokemon

We will see the resistance of this amazing Pokemon. It will help you in knowing all the resistance of this amazing Pokemon.

  • Electric (There will be 24% damage)
  • Fire (There will be 62.5% damage)
  • Poison (There will be 62.5% damage)
  • Rock (There will be 62.5% damage)

Now, we will see the evolution of Vibrava Pokemon GO.

Evolution of Vibrava

Vibrava is evolved from Trapinch. This evolution costs only 25 candies. Vibrava evolves into Flygon. This evolution will cost you 100 Candies.

So, the first Pokemon of this family is Trapinch, second is Vibrava, third and the last Pokemon is Flygon.

Now, we will see the common information about this amazing Pokemon. It will help you in knowing all basic details of Vibrava.

Common Information about Vibrava

  • Vibrava is a Generation 3 Pokemon.
  • The category of this Pokemon is Non-Legendry.
  • Its Buddy distance is 5 KM. If you want to know how to play with your Buddy Pokemon, check out this article.
  • You will get 2 Bonus Candy on capturing it.
  • You will also get 200 Bonus Stardust on capturing it.
  • The base flee and catch rate is 6% and 10% respectively.
  • The height of this Pokemon is 1.09 Metre.
  • Vibrava weighs 15.3 Kilograms.
  • Its maximum HP is 120 at level 40.
  • Its maximum CP is 1225 at level 40.
  • It has an Attack of 134.
  • Defense of this Pokemon is 99.
  • The Ultrasonic waves of Vibrava is very powerful. it can bring headaches.
  • You can put this Pokemon in a Gym easily.
  • You can also transfer this Pokemon.

Spawn location

Now, we will see the locations where you can spawn this amazing Pokemon easily. You can catch this Pokemon at these given locations. Do not miss to catch this Pokemon.

  • Golf Course
  • Parks
  • Places of Interest
  • Quarry
  • Woodland

This was the complete information about Vibrava.

Conclusion: Vibrava Pokemon GO

In conclusion, we hope that you have got the detailed information of this amazing Vibrava Pokemon GO. If you have any questions or queries regarding this amazing Pokemon, you can ask us in the comment section. We will help you in solving all your queries and questions.

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