Warframe Update 2.13 Patch Notes, Download Size, Fixes

Warframe Update 2.13 Patch Notes is out, and the fans are excited to know the changes made with this game. In this article, you can explore the complete information regarding patch notes of the Warframe game.

Warframe Update 2.13 Patch Notes

Warframe Update 2.13 is available to download; you can download this update and enjoy playing the latest version of this game. The download size of the Warframe game depends on the device.

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Warframe Update 2.13 Patch Notes

Here are the complete patch notes of the Warframe Update that will help you to explore more about this game:

General Changes

  • The developer has added a mechanism that permanently unlocks Arbitration missions once you have completed all current mission nodes.
  • Arbitrations now give +500 Health to the chosen Warframe, and 2 additional weapons will appear as buff eligible.
  • The developer has made Eidolon Shards redeemable for 2500 Focus, similar to how Brilliant and Radiant shards have the same functionality.
  • Re-added the remaining Voidplume UI counter onboard the Zariman.
  • Eidolon Shards can now be fed in bundles of 25 to appease the Helminths Sentient appetite.
  • Even if we add new mission nodes in the future, you will not lose access to Arbitrations.
  • The developer has added refresh timers to all UI screens where Daily Cap is shown.
  • Reduced the number of Syndicate Medallions required to complete the Riven Challenge from 12-16 to 8-12.


  • Optimized performance of various screens that showed a grid of items.
  • Made a micro-optimization to level streaming.
  • Optimized viewing the codex via player profiles in and out of missions.
  • Made several memory and graphics optimizations across the game.
  • Made optimization to the memory used in missions.
  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to game code systems with Warframe Update 2.13 Patch Notes.
  • Optimized CPU cost of multiple Tributa Statues in Dojos.
  • Improved the loading of several decorations in the Orbiter and Dormizone, notably the Necramech Decorations.
  • Made a few micro-optimizations to game code.
  • Optimized framerate during certain in-game Syndicate transmissions.
  • Improved perforation for Sporelacer’s secondary projectile.
  • Made systemic optimizations to memory footprint for all platforms.
  • Optimized waypoints on Venus to save memory.
  • Optimized object rendering for Voidshell skins.

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  • Fixed Mag’s Polarize inconsistently removing enemy armor if it affected a group of enemies versus a single unit.
  • Fixed Titania’s Razorflies always facing the same direction.
  • Fixed issue of recasting Vast Untime on Xaku consuming a charge of Inner Might but not reducing the casting cost.
  • Fixed Excalibur Umbra randomly deactivating Exalted Blade when playing as Operator with Warframe Update 2.13 Patch Notes.
  • Fixed the Tentacles of Hydroid’s Tentacle Swarm, targeting your companion before enemies with Warframe Update 2.13 Patch Notes.
  • Umbra will now keep Exalted Blade active and will turn off only if your Exalted Blade deactivates.
  • Fixed Zenurik’s Inner Might cause Atlas’ Rubble Heap Augment Mod to cost Energy even when you have over 1400 rubble.
  • Fixed Sevagoth being stuck in slow motion after being controlled by Mutalist Alad V and casting Gloom.
  • Fixed the teleport delay from Drifter Camp to Orbiter.
  • Fixed being able to fly around after being downed as Titania while Razorwing is active, which was also causing loss of functionality.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Eclipse increasing the scanning time with your Synthesis scanner.
  • Fixed Titania’s Razorflies triggering the effect of the Secondary Deadhead and Pax Seeker Arcanes.
  • Fixed Atlas being able to self-damage and destroy objectives with Tectonics.

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It was the complete guide on Warframe Update 2.13 Patch Notes. Now, we would like to conclude this article with the hope that you have got complete information regarding the update of the Warframe game. If you have queries regarding updates to the Warframe game, then you can ask us in the comment section. We would be happy to solve your queries regarding Warframe Update 2.13 Patch Notes.

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