What is Melee Damage in Fortnite? How to Deal 300 Melee Damage?

What is Melee Damage in Fortnite? In Fortnite’s week 5 there is a challenge that requires you to deal 300 Melee damage to enemies. So here we have a full guide on Fortnite’s Melee Damage, have a look.

What is Melee Damage in Fortnite?

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 is going on fans are enjoying it as there are a lot of new items that are coming out almost every week. There are a lot of items that have been given to players such as skins, cosmetics, and a lot of other items that have been given as rewards. Week 10 of chapter 2 season 5 is going on and it is bringing a lot of new challenges for the players.

Fortnite’s weekly challenges are going on and you have a great chance to level up your battle pass and you can boost your XP during these challenges. Most of the players are already familiar with the challenges in the game as there is nothing special about these challenges. The new challenge in Fortnite is all able to deal damage using melee. But it is actually very confusing and players don’t know what to do then just follow this guide and you are good to go.

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First of all, let us see What is Melee Damage in Fortnite, and then we would move ahead to know how to get 300 Melee damage.

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What is Melee Damage in Fortnite?

The Melee weapons are the weapons that can be used to battle with enemies in close combats. The Melee weapons are mostly used in a 1v1 fight and with a melee weapon it doesn’t take much effort to take down an enemy. However, these weapons cannot be used in long-range combat, and also these are not much popular as long range weapons such as rifles and pistols.

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When it comes to the common melee weapons on Fortnite then the Pickaxe is the most common melee weapon and also the harvesting tool is one of the most used melee weapons. These weapons become useful especially when you are trying to complete some challenges and quests in the game. The pickaxe is one of the most used melee weapons in Fortnite and with the use of a Pickaxe you can deal 20 damage but you have to deal a total damage of 300 which may look tough.

We would suggest you try dropping some of the most visited locations by players and go to a location where you can get deal more damage in the beginning. When it comes to the best locations for this challenge then there are some locations that you must visit to complete the melee challenge in Fortnite, below we have shared all the locations.

So this was all about What is Melee Damage in Fortnite, and now we should see some location where you can get 300 Melee damage.

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What is Melee Damage in Fortnite: Locations to deal more damage

There are some locations that can help you dealing 300 damage in Fortnite but you will have to visit these locations at the earliest to get more damage. The locations are as follows: you can go to Star Wars-themed location, the Clock Tower is one other location or you can also go to any other POI which can attract some players, and when you have dropped at any of the locations, you can now begin with taking the enemies down until the challenge gets completed.

Similar to this strategy you have to make some strategies to take down the enemies and this was all about What is Melee Damage in Fortnite and the locations where you can deal 300 damage using a Melee.

Hopefully, you will like our approach on What is Melee Damage in Fortnite.

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