Animal Crossing Painting Guide -Best guide to identify between Fake and Original Paintings in 2020

We have brought Animal Crossing Painting Guide to help you in identifying between Fake and Original Paintings sold by the Art dealer Redd. He sells both original and fake paintings. So, it is difficult for most players to identify among fake and original ones.

You can easily increase painting collections in your museum by purchasing amazing arts and paintings from Redd. He also allows you to take a closer look at the painting. It will help you in identifying fake paintings easily.

animal crossing painting guide

Animal Crossing Painting Guide

As we all know that you can collect a total of 30 paintings from the Art dealer Redd. But there are fake copies of some paintings. You can easily identify these fake paintings using this Animal Crossing Painting Guide.

1. Vitruvian Man – by Leonardo Da Vinci

There is a fake painting of Vitruvian Man. You can easily identify the fake painting. The fake painting has a coffee or tea mug stain. The stain is located on the top right side of the painting. So, look for that stain in the image.

2. The Night Watch – by Rembrandt

In Animal Crossing Painting Guide, it is the next painting. You will not see the black hat on the head of the man standing in the center of the picture.

3. The Blue Boy – by Thomas Gainsborough

In Animal Crossing Painting Guide, if you see a big fringe on the forehead of the boy, the painting is fake. The original painting has a small fringe on the forehead.

4. Rooster and Hen with Hydrangeas Ito Jakuchu

In the fake Rooster and Hen with Hydrangeas painting, you will notice purple flowers. It is not in the case of the original painting. You will see blue flowers in the original painting.

5. Mona Lisa – by Leonardo Da Vinci

The fake painting is available in the art shop of Redd. Thee eyebrow of the fake Mona Lisa is pointing up. So, you can easily identify it.

6. Beauty Looking Back – by Hishikawa Moronobu

In the original painting, the top portion of the canvas is empty. It is not in the case of fake painting. You will notice that the woman will capture the most part of the canvas. It is also a haunted painting. Due to this, the fake changes will also change as the image will flip horizontally or so.

7. Summer – by Giuseppe Arcimboldo

If you will see the fake painting, you will not find any difference except one. The one difference is that the sprouting flower is missing from the chest of the man.

8. The Birth of Venus – by Sandro Botticelli

In the face painting, you will not notice trees on the back of the painting. But in the original painting, you will see trees on the right side of the image in the back.

9. The Milkmaid – by Johannes Vermeer

In fake painting, the woman is pouring more milk from the jug. In the case of the original painting, you will notice that the woman is pouring less milk from the jug.

10. Otani Oniji II – by Tōshūsai Sharaku

It is a haunted painting. The eyebrow in the original image has an angry scowl. While the fake one has sad eyebrows. You may also notice the man smiling due to haunted painting.

11. The Haunters in the Snow – by Pieter Bruegel

You will notice that one hunter is missing from the image.

12. Lady with an Ermine – by Leonardo Da Vinci

The Ermine in the fake image is grey and blue in color while it is white in the original painting.

13. Las Meninas – by Diego Velasquez

The hand of the man at the door is in the upward direction in the fake painting.

14. Wind God and Thunder God (Left Side) – by Tawaraya Sotatsu

The creature in the fake painting is green in color white it should be white.

15. Wind God and Thunder God (Right Side) – by Tawaraya Sotatsu

The color of the creature is white in the fake painting while it is green in real.

16. Girl with a Pearl Earring – by Johannes Vermeer

You will notice start shaped Pearl in the fake painting. You may also notice that the eye of the girl is closed because the image is haunted.

This is the complete Animal Crossing Painting Guide.

Conclusion: Animal Crossing Painting Guide

In conclusion, we hope that you have got complete information regarding the Animal Crossing Painting Guide. Now, you can easily identify fake paintings easily. If you are having any difficulties in identifying fake artworks, you can ask us in the comment section. We will help you in identifying fake pictures.

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