Destiny 2 Factions Rally Removed but How to Get the Gear?

Destiny 2 Factions Rally has been removed and not coming back again any soon but How to Get the gears? The event is not coming back any time soon but the loot will soon make a return in Destiny 2. If you want to know more about the Destiny 2 Factions Rally and How to get the gears that were available in the event, then follow this guide.

Destiny 2 Factions

Destiny 2 Factions Rally was a popular event that was removed by Bungie in March and there was a lot of loot which you could get from the Factions Rally event, you could earn rewards and special gears by completing the bounties in the event. But know we know that the event isn’t coming back again, but is there any way to get those special gears and rewards even if the event is not coming.

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The simple and clear answer is Yes, the special gears and rewards which were present in the Destiny 2 Factions Rally event can still be earned, and for that, we have prepared a guide on How to get the gears from the Destiny 2 Factions Rally event, have a look.

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Destiny 2 Factions Rally Removed?

In a blog post, the director of the game, Luke Smith said that “the Faction Rallies are not coming back in the game and we don’t have any plan to bring the event back again in the game any time soon but the rewards which you used to receive from the Factions Rally can still be earned”.

Destiny 2 Factions Rally used to offer quite special gears and loot based on the 3s in-game factions which are Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, and the New Monarchy.

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You can still get that loot and special gears from other game activities and tasks according to the director of Destiny 2, Luke Smith.

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So now you know that how to get the loot, you just have to complete the in-game activities, tasks, and challenges to earn those special gears back again. And it is not confirmed which event will contain the same loot and special gears on which event will contain similar loot, we all know about the special gears and loot is that it can be earned by completing activities and tasks, so if you want to get those special gears then don’t miss any of the upcoming in-game events.

So now you know everything about the Destiny 2 Factions rally, now we see some more info related to the upcoming events.

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Destiny 2 Factions: Upcoming Events in Destiny 2

So if have missed out on some events in destiny 2 but don’t want to miss anymore, we are going to share some of the upcoming events from which you can earn some rewards, special gears, and some loot as well. So these are the Holiday events that are coming in Destiny 2, these will come at the time of the Holiday season in Destiny 2, so let us see the list of events that are coming in Destiny 2.

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  • Tower Decoration
  • Holiday Weaponry
  • Traveling in Customized Style

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So these are the upcoming events in Destiny 2 but you won’t see special loot and gears in all of these events, only one of these events contains a special gear which is known as Holiday Weaponry, in this event, there is a Rifle Coming back and if you want to know more about the rifle then read this article.

So this was all about Destiny 2 Factions Rallies and How to get the special gears, loot, and rewards without a Faction rally event.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach on Destiny 2 Factions Rally Removed but How to Get the Gear.

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