How to craft a boat in Minecraft 1.16 – Easy guide

Boat in Minecraft:

Boat in minecraft

Boats are formerly used as transportation in Minecraft. Boats are considered one of the most efficient ways of transportation over water in Minecraft. They are easy to craft and are easy to control. This article will cover how to craft a boat in Minecraft and how to control it.

How to craft a boat in Minecraft:

Materials required to craft:

  • 5 wooden planks: Use can use any type of plank according to your choice. To craft planks, you’re going to need a piece of wood. ( Any type of wood should work in this case. Start by chopping a tree and then placing a wood block in your crafting slot. You’ll get a total of 4 planks from a single block of wood.
    • Extra tips: You can also gather wood/planks from a nearby village or Mine-shaft to save up crafting time.

Crafting pattern:

  • Gather wooden planks in your inventory.
  • Make yourself a crafting table.
  • In crafting table menu, start by placing 3 planks one by one in the respective bottom slot of the crafting menu.
  • Then place a plank on the leftmost slot above the bottom slots.
  • Finally, place your last plank on the rightmost slot above the bottom slots.
  • Now drag the boat in your inventory which you have just crafted from the crafting result.
  • Here you go!!! Now make your way to the water to have some fun.
  • Make sure to place a wooden shovel in between of two planks above the bottom slots if you’re using Bedrock edition or education edition (you can crafting wooden shovel using a wooden plank and two sticks).
Boat in minecraft

Boat Recipe (Java edition)

How to ride a boat in Minecraft:

Riding a boat in Minecraft is not that hard compared to other transportation liabilities like Horse, Pigs, Striders, etc.

  • Drag down boat in your Hotbar from inventory.
  • Hold it in any of your either hands.
  • Move over to the water.
  • Right-click on the water while holding it to place it down.
  • Then right-click again while your crosshair targeting boat.
  • Now you’re supposed to be in a boat. To ride it you can simply use w-s-a-d keys.
  • To increase it’s speed hold control key while rowing it.
  • You can also ride a boat on land ( One of the fun elements of the game).
  • Boats can be placed on lava but you’ll fall as soon as you’ll right-click over it.
  • You can get off the boat by simply pressing the shift key.

Some properties of boats in Minecraft:

  • A boat is not stackable.
  • They are renewable.
  • They are not flammable but they’ll drop except when being placed in lava.
  • When colliding with chest it will fall onto it instead of crashing.
  • When gravity blocks like sand, Redstone, gravel, anvils, and dragon eggs fall on the boat they will drop as an item.
  • Boats travel faster on Ice, frosted ice, and packed ice.
  • Recipe of a boat in Minecraft is the only recipe that gets unlocked without having any item in the inventory just by jumping in the water.
  • When a boat is rowed while a player standing on it will decrease hunger bar.
  • As boat in Minecraft is made out of wood they can also be used as a fuel source in Furnace, Blast furnace, and smokers.
  • In java edition, while jumping down from the high altitude while being in a boat will nullify the fall damage absorbed by the player.
  • You can also buy a boat in Minecraft by simply dealing with fishermen. They will offer you a boat for an emerald. The type of boat will depend upon the biome. For example, A taiga villager will sell a spruce boat while a Savannah villager will sell an acacia boat.
  • A boat in Minecraft will not drop anything while getting attacked or getting burned. They are immune to any type of damage caused by lily pads (while rowing through swamps) and other blocks.
  • The behavior of boats is different in different versions.

If you still have any doubts or queries regarding boats in Minecraft you can comment down below.

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