[Guide] How To Get Jolly Llama in Minecraft Earth

Minecraft earth is now available to play in all the countries. Still, it is early access to the Minecraft Earth game and the full version is not launched yet. Recently Minecraft earth has launched new mob Jolly Llama in the game. Many of you want to know. ” How to Get Jolly Llama in Minecraft Earth”. So here in this article, we have explained about the new Minecraft earth mob Jolly Llama and how to get it. This game has got an overwhelming response from the audience. Minecraft Earth is an Augmented Reality Game (Like Pokemon GO) where you can experience Minecraft game in reality.

Jolly Llama in Minecraft Earth
Jolly Llama in Minecraft Earth

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How To Get Jolly Llama in Minecraft Earth

Before we know tips and tricks of getting Jolly Llama, let’s know what is it. Jolly Llama is one of the rare mob in the Minecraft Earth Game. If you don’t know what is mob then you must play Minecraft game first. The mob is nothing but any living thing in Minecraft which moves here and there in the game. They spawn randomly in the overworld. In Minecraft Earth, which is a different game than the original Minecraft game.

There are different types of Mobs such as Passive Mobs, Peaceful Mobs, Defensive Mobs, Neutral Mobs, Hostile Mobs. Some Mobs are dangerous like monster mobs. There are many mobs found in the Orignal Minecraft game, But Some exclusive mobs are launched in New Minecraft Earth Game.

List of Exclusive Minecraft Earth Mobs

  • Cluckshroom
  • Horned Sheep
  • Jolly Llama
  • Jumbo Rabit
  • Mob of Me
  • Moobloom
  • Muddy Pig
  • Purple Cat
  • Wooley Cow

Now Jolly Llama has become the most popular mob after its launch. It was launched at Mobs in Park event on 16 November and was available in only cities London, Sydney, and Newyork. From December Jolly Llama was launched all over the world.

This new dope Jolly llama mob is introduced for only the Christmas festival season. Official Minecraft earth Twitter account said that the Jolly llama mob is for the festive season. So it can be found until the Christmas festival. But Minecraft Earth Official has never stated that it will disappear from the game after the festival.


Looking at the popularity of Jolly Llama Mob it can become part of the game forever. Minecraft Earth Players are crazy to get this mob and searching heavily about ” How to Get Jolly Llama in Minecraft Earth. So while playing Minecraft Earth here we have found some tricks to get his mob.

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Tips to Find Jolly Llama in Minecraft Earth

Jolly Llama is a very rare mob in Minecraft Earth and it cannot be found easily. You must know a few things about Jolly Llama before finding them.

  • Jolly Llama is Festive Mob, not regular Mob
  • Jolly Llama Mob was launched worldwide in Minecraft Earth Update 0.6.0
  • It is a Passive Mob, which means it does not attack the player. and when Player tries to harm jolly llama it runs away.
  • In Minecraft Earth, you can collect mobs into inventory by tapping on them.

Here is How to get Jolly Llama in Minecraft Earth: First you have to download the most updated version of Minecraft Earth Early Access. Because Jolly llama mob can be found in only version 0.6.0 and higher version of the game. You can get Jolly Llama in different tappable like trees and grass. So you have to continuously play the game and find the tappables as much as you can. The only way to get Jolly Llama in Minecraft Earth is by tapping on more numbers of tappables. While doing this you will find other exclusive and popular mobs like a muddy pig.

As per an official tweet by Minecraft Earth, Jolly Llama can be found in 16*16 Buildplates also.


So, this is how one can find Jolly llama in Minecraft Earth.

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