How to make a Cobblestone Generator in Minecraft 1.16 – Easy guide

What is a Cobblestone Generator?

Cobblestone generator is the best way in Minecraft to generate infinite cobblestones. It all started with the trend of skyblock. Due to the availability of limited resources and blocks in Minecraft Skyblock, cobblestone generators are the only option available with players to generate infinite blocks in order to make stone tools and survive on a lonely island. This guide will provide you the easiest method to make a cobblestone generator.

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Materials required to make a cobblestone generator:

Primary materials:

  • 3 iron ingots ( 6; If you want to make separate buckets for lava and water)
  • Lava source
  • Water source

You can find iron anywhere by mining underground or on the walls of caves. Mine them using a stone pickaxe to get iron ore. Then you can smelt it in a furnace. The Furnace is very easy to craft. It requires only 8 cobblestones. Start by placing cobblestones in the crafting table menu leaving the middlemost slot. After crafting furnace place an iron ore in the upper slot of the furnace menu and coal/wood/logs or any other fuel source in the lower slot of the furnace menu. Give it some time and it will generate iron ingot for you.

You can find lava sources anywhere in the caves or mineshaft. You can also find it in any ravine or cliffs.

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You can also find them in the form of a pool on the surface level. If you’re in the desert you’ve high chances to find lava pool on the surface level. If you’re still having difficulty finding lava then nether is the best option for you.

You can find water almost everywhere in Minecraft in the overworld.

Secondary materials:

  • Bucket

In order to transport lava or water with you, you’re going to require a bucket. You can craft buckets very easily using 3 iron ingot. Refer the following image to craft a bucket in Minecraft.

Cobblestone generator

Required foundation to make a cobblestone generator:

  • After gathering all the required materials start by digging one block deep hole and 2 blocks deep hole next to it.

Cobblestone generatorCobblestone generator

  • Then make a one-block deep hole leaving one block next to the two blocks deep hole.

Cobblestone generator

  • Now place water over the first block you dug down.

Cobblestone generator

  • Then place lava in the last block which you mined.

Cobblestone generator

Cobblestone generator

  • Done!! Now to start this generator all you have to do is mine the block between lava and 2 blocks deep hole. After mining, a new cobblestone block will generate as soon as flowing lava will come in contact with flowing water.

  • Now further continuing with mining cobblestone block a new cobblestone will generate every time making it possible to call it an infinite cobblestone generator.

Cobblestone generator

Extra cobblestone generator tips for skyblock players:

  • If you’re playing skyblock you’ll get Ice blocks instead of a water bucket in your chest. All you’ve to do is place Ice blocks in place of water while making a cobblestone generator.

Cobblestone generator

  • Make sure to dig the second hole 2 blocks dip. In the opposite case, an obsidian block will get generated which will take a long time to break. This small mistake can ruin you’ll whole skyblock. Because without cobblestone generator skyblock is incomplete there’s nothing you’d be able to do after that.
Cobblestone generator improvement tips:
  • You can improve your cobblestone generator by placing blocks above lava and water to prevent frequent burning of cobblestones while mining.

Cobblestone generator

  • I’d suggest you dig a hole beside the cobblestone to jump before you mine cobblestone. This would prevent cobblestone burning and it’d help you to increase the probability of dropping cobblestones in your inventory.
  • You can also place hopper going in the chest below the generated cobblestone so that every time after mining it you will get a cobblestone directly in your chest.

Hope you’re now ready to make your own cobblestone generator. If you still have any doubts comment down below.

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