Wasteland 3 Update 1.12 Patch Notes 1.3

Wasteland 3 Update 1.12 is out and the players are very excited to know the changes made in this game. The players can download the update and enjoy playing the latest version of this game. A lot of fixes and changes have been made in this game so that the players can have a better experience.

Wasteland 3 Update 1.12

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Wasteland 3 Update 1.12

This update is available to download, the players can download the latest version of this game on their device. This update is available for different platforms. The size of this update for PS4 is 9.9 GB. The size of this update for other platforms may vary as per the platforms.

Wasteland 3 Update 1.12 Patch Notes 1.3


  • The developers have adjusted the balance changes some core systems in order to ensure a true wasteland experience. Developer commentary is also included below from David Rogers in order to help explain the thought process and intentions behind the changes.

  • The developers have also resolved the issue that can cause the two starting Rangers’ attributes.
  • The developers have also resolved the few progression blockers that are given some grief that includes Yuma County Speedway door as well as the Little Hell gondola.

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  • The intro cinematic as well as live-action short are now viewable from the main menu under a Special Features option.
  • When you will switch away from as well as back to the original two Rangers, their attributes would not change to negative values.
  • The developers have also resolved the issue where the characters would play the cover animation repeatedly when moving into the cover from a crouch.
  • The developers have fixed the issue where Yuma County Speedway Doors were not interactable under certain conditions.
  • With Wasteland 3 Update 1.12, Sawblade ammo has been added into merchants as well as enemy drop tables.
  • The developers have also added more sniper ammo with this update.
  • Two conversation issues with Liberty that could fail to advance and require restarting the game have been fixed.
  • The vendors have also smartened up and would not trigger Antique Appraiser on junk that you’ve repurchased.
  • There was an issue that was preventing the players from completing the ‘Unwelcome Guests’ quest, which previously would not allow them to confront Mama Cotter, which has been resolved.
  • The developers have also solved the issue that was preventing the Varangian Blood perk from activating upon an ally being downed in combat.
  • With Wasteland 3 Update 1.12, the developers have solved the issue where the Spirit Animal perk provided buffs for the whole party, as well as not just that particular character.
  • There was an issue where Rangers can get another blank disc as well as redo the quest to talk to the Machine Intelligence after transferring a certain consciousness into a certain somebody, this issue has been solved.
  • The Machine Commune faction’s AI has been also flashed with the latest firmware. Now, the Commune would not hate the Rangers after they upload an important quest element.
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  • Now the auto-detecting graphics settings will take resolution into account while determining the recommended display settings.
  • For 21:9 display resolutions, the developers have made improvements with Wasteland 3 Update 1.3.

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