Wreckfest Steam Update May 4, 2021 Patch Notes 1.275161

Wreckfest Steam Update is out with a lot of changes. We have the complete patch notes of this game that will help you to explore more about this game.

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Wreckfest Steam UpdateWreckfest Steam Update 1.275161 Patch Notes May 4, 2021


  • New tournament shop bundle “Dirtshot” for Hotshot.
  • Introducing new tournament: Super Truck Showdown.

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  • Added a new track with forward and reverse layouts: Rattlesnake Racepark.
  • This update has added support for the new DLC pack “Off-Road Car Pack” containing three new cars: Sandstorm, Trooper, and Trophy Hunter.


  • Speedie is now slightly weaker.
  • The rear window of Hearse no longer floats after receiving damage.
  • Stellar’s “Supersonic” wheels are now of correct color.
  • The Hammerhead RS fender no longer falls off before the fender flare.
  • Removed permanently painted parts of the Starbeast SS paint.
  • The axe decoration of Bandit no longer floats.
  • Fixed KillerBee S exhaust backfire emitter pivot and door windows parenting.
  • The rear wind of Hammerhead RS no longer detaches as easily with Wreckfest Steam Update.
  • Little Thrasher AI Player now appears correctly in Class B as well.
  • Starbeast SS “Same As Player”now correctly spawns AI Players with Starbeast SS.
  • Wildking racing stripe is now correctly centered.

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  • Texture is now displayed correctly on the Hammerhead RS fuel lid.
  • The window frames of Hearse no longer float after receiving damage.
  • Starbeast SS is now more competitive.
  • Cardinal paint damage is now displayed correctly with this update.
  • Stepvan gearbox tuning options now work correctly.
  • Hammerhead RS AI Player now handles the car better.
  • Fixed mismatched rear wheels of Gorbie Class C AI Player vehicle.
  • Fixed RoadSlayer GT steel rail side protector LOD glitch with Wreckfest Steam Update.

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