Destiny 2 Soft Cap 2021 Season of Arrival

Destiny 2 Season of the chosen has arrived and the Destiny 2 Soft Cap has been increased. Below, you can find out the complete details about the Destiny 2 Soft Cap 2021 Season of Arrival, have a look.

Destiny 2 Soft Cap

Bungie is keep on coming with regular updates and changes for Destiny 2. In the Season of the Chosen they have made some changes to the game which includes changement in the Destiny 2 Soft Cap.

Because the Power level is made up of the average score for the gears your have equipped you will have to depends upon the RNG to make sure that each slot of the armour and the weapons up, but Bungie has made some strides in making it too much frustating in those conditions.

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Destiny 2 Soft Cap 2021 Season of Arrival

When it comes to the Destiny 2 Soft Cap then let me inform you that this is the easist to hit. To hit the Soft Cap in Destiny 2 you are only required to have the Blue (Rare( and Purple (Legendary) gears. And you can fly through it, you just have to beat the Byond Light campagin or you can also play some activities in there such as the Strikes, Crucible, and even Gambit.

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Here are all the Destiny 2 Caps which includes Soft Cap as well.

  • Soft Cap – 1250 Power Level
  • Hard Cap – 1300 Power Level
  • Pinnacle Cap – 1310 Power Level

When it comes to hitting the Soft cap then you can do it just by playing the Lost Sectors, Heroic Public Events, and also by playing the Crucible matches. By doing this you can easily hit Soft cap upto 1200 and to hit it upto 1250 it becomes more tough. You can assume that the Soft Cap from 1200 to 1250 is similar to the Destiny 2 Hard Cap.

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How to Complete Destiny 2 Soft Cap?

Now, when you have succefully 1200 power cap in Destiny 2, to reach 1250 you will have to complete some of the power and pinacle activities which can be seen on your in-game director. So you will have to play a number of Strikes or even the crucible match every week to keep on collecting the Prime Engrams on your travel. Also, you will have to maximize the other character which will enable you to grab some weekly rewards 3 times in the game.

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When you have successfully reached to the hard cap in destiny 2 then the final 10 power levels are very difficult. You will have to complete the quality content like the Trails of Osiris to get on the top of it.

Also, the seasonal artefact will then add upto a total of 15 power levels and these can be earned by accuring XP to level it up. Other then that you will also required to attempt the Legend Lost Sectors which have a power requirement of about 1280. So this was all for the Destiny 2 Soft Cap. Hopefully, you can complete it easily.

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Destiny 2 is aviable to download on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S.

So this was all about Destiny 2 Soft Cap 2021 Season of Arrival. Hopefully, you will like our approach.

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