Minecraft Faithful 1.15 Download Latest 1.15.2

If you are reading this now no doubt you must be a big fan of Minecraft also and you must know that Minecraft keeps on adding resource packs and texture packs to make this game even more awesome so now we have Minecraft Faithful 1.15 resource pack. And in this article, we are going to talk about this. I will tell you what kind of features does Minecraft Faithful 1.15 contains and the new things you are going to watch in this pack.

Minecraft Faithful 1.15
Minecraft Faithful 1.15

Minecraft resource packs improve the textures without changing much in the game. Without waiting much you can download this pack and start enjoying it and if you yet do not know how to download Minecraft Faithful 1.15 resource pack then do not worry in this article I will tell you in detail step by step but first, let’s get started with what’s new we will get to see in this pack.

What’s New in Minecraft Faithful 1.15?

As you know every time a resource pack comes up in the market it always has some glitches and errors that we do not really like because of it irritates us. But in Minecraft Faithful 1.15 / 1.15.2 resource pack does not contain any kind of glitches. Which means you can play it without getting annoying.

They have added something and changed something too like as they have updated Bee’s which means new texture pack to download. And they have added Map Background Checkerboard. From Minecraft 1.15 Bee update they have also fixed the entities of the Bee’s and also Renamed the block Beehive. But not only this, this resource pack will contain some changed blocks and the models like Gold, Iron and Diamond too.

What are some major changes and fixes that we will get to see in new faithful 1.15 resource pack? After watching what’s the new section you must be eager to download and install that resource pack in your game to enjoy the newly added features but you do not know how to do it? Do not worry let’s talk about how you can download this pack.

Faithful 1.15
Faithful 1.15 image source: faithful.team

How To Download Minecraft Faithful 1.15 / 1.15.2 Resource pack?

Most of us must have already known how to download install packs but some of us yet do not know about this so I will tell you in easy steps so you can download and install it on your own without asking for any kind of help so let’s get started to our main point.

Step No.1> Downloading Minecraft Faithful 1.15.

First of all, you have to download Minecraft Faithful 1.15 / 1.15.2 Resource Pack from the official website. Because of third party websites may scam us sometimes. So use the official website https://faithful.team/ to download

Step No.2> Open Up Minecraft and Find The Resouce Pack Section.

After downloading resource pack you have to find the resource pack section in Minecraft game. You can easily find it in options.

Step No.3> Install Faithful 1.15 X32.

After reaching the resource pack section all you have to do is select the resource pack and click on install. And wait for it to get installed in the game.

Step No.4> Select Minecraft Faithful 1.15 /1.15.2 Resource pack.

Selecting a resource pack is just so easy you just have click texture pack and then go back and click on done. That is it your resource pack will be ready for use and you can enjoy the new feature and items in the resource pack. Once all the process is done then you are all ready to play the game in this resource pack without any kind of glitches and errors. Stay tuned with us to know about more upcoming packs and their features.

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