Minecraft Faithful 1.16 – Download Texture Pack

We all know that Minecraft 1.16 is about to get released anytime this year now. There are many mods and resources packs that are already giving you an amazing experience with Minecraft 1.16 snapshot version. Minecraft Faithful 1.16 is one of the best resource pack for this new update. Mods are basically there to make your gaming experience better give you things that normal Minecraft doesn’t have, some resource packs add more colors, some of them add more pixels, while some make the quality better.

Minecraft Faithful 1.16
Minecraft Faithful 1.16

So every other resource pack has its own thing, and currently one of the most important ones and talked about resource pack is your Minecraft faithful 1.16. So what is Minecraft faithful? What does it have that will make your gameplay so fun? Don’t worry we will tell you all about it.

Minecraft Faithful 1.16

The Minecraft faithful 1.16 is your resource pack that focuses on the colors and new texture of the game, it’s mostly known for its sharp texture and vibrant colors while keeping it in a default Minecraft style. So you can say that it changes a lot without actually changing a lot kind of like a riddle. Every player should try this resource pack for Minecraft 1.16 Nether Update.

Faithful 1.16 Sbapshota
Faithful 1.16 Sbapshota

What does it have?

If you are part of the Minecraft community and have used Minecraft faithful before you will know that they keep updating the texture pack as the game gets the updates and features. So currently they have updated the faithful texture packs 5 times now in the Minecraft faithful 1.16 snapshot version. No kidding, it’s the truth so let’s see what are the things that we can expect to see in the resource pack.

There are many new things that you can see in the Minecraft faithful 1.16. They have added new blocks in your biomes of the nether world. Like once you get in the nether world and go to the Soul Sand Valley biome you will see a Basalt block that you can use to make structure and building as well. You will see blue flames in the air, just like you used to see in the crimson forest. So you must have seen the wart block right?

Now the wart block is also available in blue color and you can find a new light block that will light up your nether world, just look near the glowstone and you will see it.

Now in the Nether world when you use the Minecraft faithful 1.16, there is vegetation that can be seen in the world of nether. The crimson forest and the wrapped forest biome, which are similar just in different colors have new plants that you can discover in the resource pack. There seem to be some new woods in the game as well, now that will give you more options to make new structures and buildings.

Now come to the best thing about this Minecraft faithful 1.16, is that you will have netherite armors and weapons in this faithful resource pack. Like really you will already have them like when you get there, you don’t have to dig or do anything. They will be waiting for you also there are going to be Nether scraps and ingots that will let you form more armor and weapons.

Faithful 1.16
Faithful 1.16

Minecraft faithful 1.16 download

So if you don’t know how to download the Minecraft faithful 1.16, don’t worry I’m going to show you how to download and install it. For downloading the pack just click on this link below.

Click Here to go to official site of faithful team.

Now how to install?

  • Download the resource pack faithful zip file, from the link given above
  • Launch the game
  • Click ok the options
  • Go to resource packs
  • Open resource packs folder
  • Copy and paste the pack that you downloaded
  • Restart the game and now you will see it in your resource pack menu.


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