Minecraft Piglin – Meet the New Mob in Nether Update 2020

Minecraft Piglin
Minecraft Piglin

Minecraft Nether Update which is also known as Java Edition 1.16 Update was announced in Minecon 2019. This update will have many changes in the nether. It is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2020. Minecraft Piglin is the new mob in the nether update. All Minecraft gamers are very excited about this new update, therefore now here we have covered all details about New Mob Piglin.

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Minecraft Piglin

In the nether update, you will meet the new mob Piglin. Piglins spawn in the nether. Here is the short information about Minecraft Piglin Mob.

  • New Piglins Mob comes under the semi-neutral category of mobs. They do not attack players unless provoked by certain conditions.
  • The default behavior of Piglins is as hostile mobs, but if the player is wearing gold armor then they become aggressive towards Players. To be safe from piglins, the player should avoid wearing any armor made up of gold.
  • When piglins spawn, they are having crossbows and sword as their default weapon to attack.
  • They can also attack other mobs in the nether like wither skeleton and new mob Hoglins.
  • Piglins will drop arrows when they are holding or using crossbows.
  • Minecraft Piglins also have the ability to barter with Player.
  • To barter with Piglins player needs to throw gold item towards piglin and in return, piglins will throw some other valuable item towards the player. Many sources saying that piglin will barter only with gold ingot and not with any other gold items.
  • Minecraft Piglin mob can also spawn wearing gold armor.
  • Hoglins are also new mobs in the nether update. Previously they were named as “Piglin Beast”, but after community feedback, they are now renamed as Hoglins.
  • There were also rumors that zombie pigmen will be replaced by piglins. But as per official sources, Zombie Pigmen will remain in the game. They might be just renamed as zombified Piglins.

Just Like Minecraft Piglins, there will be also many new items and changes in Minecraft Nether Update. New Blocks, items, Bioms, Mobs, and many more features are going to be introduced in Minecraft 1.16 update.

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