Can Mankey be Shiny in Pokemon Go? How to Catch Shiny Mankey?

Pokemon GO fans are wondering that if Can Mankey be Shiny in Pokemon Go or not.

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And if there is a shiny form of the Pokemon available then how to catch Shiny Mankey in Pokemon. Below, you can find the complete info that if Mankey can be Shiny in Pokemon Go or not, and how to catch Shiny Mankey.

Can Mankey be Shiny

Mankey is an amazing Fighting-type Pokemon from Gen 1 in Pokemon and it will be soon going to come in an event in Pokemon Go. But there is a question if Can Mankey be Shiny in Pokemon and if there is a shiny form available then what are the steps to catch the shiny form.

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Mankey is a native to the Kanto region and it looks like a Pig Money Pokemon. It was the Pokemon Red exclusive when it first debuted in the game and someone who got Charmander, in the beginning, they also wanted to catch Mankey outside of Viridian City.

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Because Mankey gave trainers a way to beat Brock and after that, there were not too many appearances of Mankey in Pokemon Go.

But Mankey is still a very unpopular but great fighting type Pokemon. Before proceeding to Can Mankey be Shiny, you can check out: Pokemon Go Global Challenge 2021, Arena, Update, Rewards: Rivals’ Week Event

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Can Mankey be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

Mankey is a fighting type Pokemon and yes there is a shiny form of the Pokemon in the game. And you have a great chance to catch him during the Pokemon Go spotlight hour event.

As usual, the Spotlight hour event will begin at 6 PM and will end at 7 PM at local time. The Spotlight hour will be on 12 April and the Spawn rate for the Mankey will be too high during the event. And you will have a perfect opportunity to grab a Shiny Mankey.

When it comes to the special bonus of this event then as of now, it is only confirmed that there will be x2 Evolution XP. You should not miss this chance of getting a shiny version of Mankey.

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How to Catchy Shiny Mankey in Pokemon Go?

Mankey can be evolved into a rage-filled Primeape and if you have forgotten then let me inform you that Primeape is remembered for getting featured on Gym Leader Chuck’s team. Primeape was featured on both Pokemon Gold and Silver and then on the HeartGold and SoulSilver.

But if you are going to get Mankey and then evolve him into Primeape which too is a fighting type has to remember that Primeape has to compete with other fighting types of Pokemon in the game.

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Primeape’s 207 attack is great but not always good when it comes to giving extra damage. Primeape is good during the Close Combat which is good. A lot of other Pokemon are more powerful than Primeape which also learn the move such as Lucario and Machamp.

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But you don’t have to be sad about the Primeape moves as he has got some new moves. Niantic has recently updated Primeape new fighting type move. When it comes to catching Primeape then the shiny form will be appearing in the game during the Spotlight hour event and you can use Incense to attract as many Pokemon as you can.

So this was all about Can Mankey be Shiny in Pokemon Go. Hopefully, you will be able to Catch Shiny Mankey in Pokemon Go.

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