Best Minecraft 1.15 Mods Download

Minecraft 1.15 mods are a way to make your normal Minecraft game to have some extra fun. Mods are basically some extra things that you can use in the game. Many of them are useful, while some are not so useful but still, it’s fun. So let’s see the latest version which is Minecraft 1.15 mods. These mods are compatible with Minecraft 1.15.1 and 1.15.2 also. This is Bee Update mods and there are many mods made by community-related to bee and harvesting honey.

Best Minecraft 1.15 mods

In this best Minecraft 1.15 mods, I will show some of my favorite mods from lowest to highest. So make sure you read every single one of them as it will be useful for sure. Also, check special mods for Minecraft 1.15.2. You can also check Minecraft resource packs 1.15.

Minecraft 1.15 Mods
Minecraft 1.15 Mods

Everything is a hat

That being said, everything is really a hat. With this Minecraft 1.15 mods, you can literally turn every single thing into a hat. You can take a bee and make a bee hat, just remember when you do that your head will transform to a bee head and then you will have a bee in your bee head. I know it sounds confusing but that’s how it is. Now you can take a plank of a block and turn it into a hat, which will give you a head that will be transformed into a plank that’s it. It’s not really useful but it’s totally fun and I love it!

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Eat Book

Again it is what it sounds like, in this Minecraft 1.15 mods you get many books that you can eat. That’s it again not really useful but it’s super cool to watch yourself eat a book. Well, don’t worry I will show you useful ones too.

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Cow Leather

Now, this is kinda what it sounds like but for this, you just use this Minecraft 1.15 mods and then aim for a cow and in 60 seconds you will see cows will be pooping leather. Okay, this was probably not the best thing you want to see but I know you will try it and for sure not just once you will keep trying it. It’s fun, believe me, everyone wants to see that at least once.

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Trees Don’t float

This particular Minecraft 1.15 mods you will see in every single Minecraft version it just keeps getting replicated as it is useful. You see a tree uses these mods to cut that down in just a few seconds. With this, you don’t have to worry about cutting it evenly so you don’t get any leaves and stuff. Once you are done cutting with this Minecraft 1.15 mods you will see all the leaves, woods and fruits aside waiting for you to collect them.

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Yet another gravestone MOD

This Minecraft 1.15 mods help you really a lot of you suddenly die in a place you know how your things get lost right? Well if you use this MOD then when you die your things will get into a gravestone of yours. That gravestone will be broken only by you and you just need to find the same place you died. Make sure don’t die while dropping into the lava then it’s no use of this mod because every time you want to go get it you will die just trying to get there.

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This Minecraft 1.15 mods is really super good, I love it because it adds up lots of decorative stuff like furniture and stuff. I would love to decorate the house that I make in Minecraft and I’m sure you would love it too.  The best thing is that you can even sit on that stuff so if you make a chair then you can sit.

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Immerse Portals mods

This one is probably the coolest Minecraft 1.15 mods you will see. This lets you make a portal that will let you go to a place like another world. Once you have your fun then you can jump back into the real world from that portal. The interior of the portal looks cool it’s like you got inside hell with a red look inside and stuff it’s really super cool so make sure you check this one for sure.

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So these are few selected Best Minecraft 1.15 Mods.

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