Blackstone in Minecraft

Minecraft Nether Update 1.16 is turning out to be one of the best updates till now for the Minecraft game. Each of snapshot of 1.16 is having new addition of exciting mobs and new blocks such as ancient debris, netherite, crying obsidian, lodestone and many more. The latest snapshot 20w15a has addition of new Blackstone in Minecraft.

After adding many interesting blocks in nether update, now Mojang has introduced a new block called Blackstone in their latest snapshot of 1.16 updates. This Blackstone has unique characteristics. Let’s know more about Blackstone in Minecraft.

Blackstone in Minecraft

Blackstone is a new block in Minecraft, which was introduced in Nether Update Snapshot 20w15a. It has characteristics somewhat similar to that of Cobblestone and Basalt, but Blackstone can be found only in Nether. In 20w15a snapshot, new volcanic themed biome Basalt Deltas added. These blocks of Blackstone in Minecraft naturally generated in basalt deltas biomes.

Blackstone in Minecraft

Blackstone in Minecraft

Blackstone also has its two versions – Polished Blackstone and Chiseled Polished Blackstone in Minecraft. Polished Blackstone in Minecraft is a polished version of Blackstone and having the same properties of the stone. Chiseled Polished Blackstone is the bricks version of polished Blackstone in Minecraft. There is no clear information available about the use of each of these blocks.

How to Get Blackstone in Minecraft

Blackstone blocks are naturally generated in nether Basalt Deltas Biomes. To obtain it, you can mine it using any pickaxe. It has a hardness level of 1.15. To mine it quickly you need pickaxe of high-level material. When Mined by pickaxe it drops itself, otherwise if mined by other tools, it drops nothing.

Stronger the pickaxe, lesser the time to mine the Blackstone. By default, it has a breaking time of 7.5 seconds. Here is time for each type of pickaxe to mine Blackstone. Wooden Pickaxe – 1.15 seconds, stone pickaxe – 0.6 sec, iron pickaxe – 0.4 sec, diamond pickaxe – 0.3 sec, Netherite Pickaxe – 0.25 sec, Gold Pickaxe – 0.20 sec.

Once you get Blackstone in Minecraft, you can obtain polished Blackstone and chiseled polished Blackstone from it using crafting recipe.

Polished Blackstone Recipe –

You can obtain it using Blackstone. You have to place 4 Blackstone in the crafting table with a specific placing pattern as shown below. From four Blackstones you will get 4 Polished Blackstone.

Polished Blackstone Recipe

Chiseled Polished Blackstone Recipe –

By placing two Polished Blackstone Slab on 3*3 grid crafting table in specific pattern as shown in image. For this, you need to first craft Polished Blackstone Slab using Blackstone or Polished Blackstone.

Chiseled Polished Blackstone Recipe

Use of Blackstone in Minecraft

Blackstone found in nether, so it can be used as a substitute for cobblestone in Nether. Because with Blackstone also you can make stone tools and furnaces. Also, you can make Polished Blackstone which can be used to craft Polished Blackstone Bricks. Not only by crafting table, you can also use stonecutting to obtain Polished Blackstone Bricks and walls.

Below are the items and tools that you can make using Blackstone and crafting tables.

Blackstone Slab Recipe – Place Blackstone in last row of 3*3 crafting grid as shown in image.

Blackstone Slab Recipe

Blackstone Stairs Recipe – place Blackstones in 3*3 crafting grid by keeping 3 grids vacant as shown in images below.

Blackstone Stairs Recipe

Blackstone Wall Recipe – Fill last two rows of 3*3 crafting table with Blackstones to get Blackstone Wall.

Blackstone Wall Recipe

Blackstone Furnace Recipe – Place 8 blocks of Blackstone in 3*3 grid, keeping middle grid vacant as shown in image below.

Furnace Recipe

Polished Blackstone Button Recipe – Place one Polished Blackstone in middle of 3×3 crafting grid.

Polished Blackstone Button Recipe

Polished Blackstone Pressure Plate Recipe – Place 2 Polished Blackstone in crafting grid as shown in image.

Polished Blackstone Pressure Plate Recipe

Polished Blackstone Bricks Recipe – Place 4 Blackstone in 3×3 crafting grid as exact pattern shown in images below.

Polished Blackstone Bricks Recipe

Blackstone Tools Recipes –

Stone Axe Recipe – 3 Blackstone + 2 Sticks as shown in image.

Stone Axe Recipe

Stone Hoe Recipe – 2 Blackstone + 2 Sticks as shown in image.

Stone Hoe Recipe

Stone Pickaxe Recipe – 3 Blackstone + 2 Sticks as the exact pattern shown in the image.

Stone Pickaxe Recipe

image credit: gamepedia

Stone Shovel Recipe – 1 Blackstone + 2 Sticks as in the 3×3 crafting grid as shown below.

Stone Shovel Recipe

Stone Sword Recipe – 2 Blackstone + 1 Stick in 3×3 crafting grid in the same pattern shown below.

Stone Sword Recipe

So this how you can use Blackstone in Minecraft. Although, there may be some special use of Blackstone in future updates of Minecraft. For now, it acts as an alternative for cobblestone in Nether.

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