Minecraft Earth Built Plate Guide – All You Need to Know

Minecraft Earth Built Plate Guide

Well, we are at the end of 2019 and how can we end it without talking about the biggest game that is trending. The game is making its way to 2020 with a huge fan following. It’s Minecraft Earth. The game is basically what you can call the better version of the old Minecraft games. The game developer has done some great experiments and made the game way better. It’s the Minecraft Earth Built plate mode that’s making it more awesome to play.

Now we all know the old Minecraft and what it used to do. We know that it’s a great building game and you can play it with people from all over the world. It’s maybe one of the best multiplayer games ever. So what Minecraft Earth did to make it better they take inspiration from what’s trending. They made the Built mode where you can enjoy Minecraft Earth Built Plate.

The Minecraft Earth Built plate is just like how we use to play Pokemon go. It’s based on the real-life structure that you can take and built-in your Minecraft Earth Built Plate and then can enjoy them in play mode. So here in this article, we will talk about what is your Minecraft Earth build mode, Minecraft Earth Build Plate and how it works.

Before we go on, let’s get small info about the game got announced on 2019 May. The developers took their time and launched early access in November 2019. In which they showcased that the game has gotten on another level with its Augmented Reality version which you see in Minecraft Earth Built Plate.

Unlock Build Plate in Minecraft Earth

When you tap on build mode in Minecraft Earth, you will see a lot of build plates in the game. But Initially, there is only 8*8 build plate is available for use. Build Plates come with default structures on them. There are build plates like 16*16 blocks and 32*32 blocks. You can build the structure of height 221 blocks i.e approx 60 meters. To unlock build plates of big size, you have to level up in the game Or you can unlock it using rubies.

Minecraft Earth Build Plate 8*8
Minecraft Earth Build Plate 8*8

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Minecraft Earth Build Plate in Build mode

Now, let’s talk about its build mode it’s one of the modes that you get in the game. So what’s its specialty? Now the build mode is just a platform where you can make your masterpiece. While the games offer you other modes where you can enjoy killing mobs and mining. The build mode gives you the choice to build as you want with its Minecraft Earth Built plate.

It’s one of the most important features you can say or you can call it the core of the game.  Your Minecraft Earth Built Plate is the place where you can make your creative exploration. Minecraft Earth built plate lets you get a great real-world experience, where you can go and get every detail of the place you want to build.

It basically takes your open map and gets the locations and with its built-in camera mode, it let you take the building you want and put it in your Minecraft Earth Built plate. Now I know you must be saying what’s so great about that? I can just build what I want. Well, what if I tell you that there’s more to it when you go in that Build mode and use Minecraft Earth BuiltPlate. Like we all know Minecraft is a multiplayer game, so when you make anything in your Minecraft Earth Built plate it keeps the location of your creation and didn’t make it vanish away from the game even if you leave.

Minecraft Earth Build Mode
Minecraft Earth Build Mode

So when other players go there they can also enjoy your creation, you can say that Minecraft Earth Built Plate is a gallery of your masterpiece. Once you are done with your Minecraft Earth Built Plate you can enjoy and wander around it likes it’s real in your view mode. While playing you can also experience other players. Minecraft Earth Built Plate creation too. Now you and other people can see each other Minecraft Earth Built Plate, but there’s more to it that the game lets you and your friend’s collab and make a great masterpiece in Minecraft Earth build mode. You can use the Minecraft earth Code Scan to join build mode with friends.

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