Minecraft developers are very busy these days. We are getting lots of new update. In last month Minecraft has released snapshot of its major update 1.16 for Java Edition. Today they have launched Minecraft Bedrock Nether Update Beta. We know that Minecraft is mainly having two editions, Java Edition for PC and Combined bedrock edition for Xbox, windows 10 and mobile devices. Both Edition gets separate updates. Minecraft 1.16 Nether update for Java is rolling out slowly and now The Minecraft Bedrock Nether Update Beta is launched by Mojang.

Minecraft Bedrock Nether Update Beta

There are thousands of players who prefers to play bedrock edition than Java. After release of Java snapshot 1.16 all bedrock players or Pocket edition users were demanding the Nether update for Bedrock. From last month Mojang team was working on Bedrock 1.15. But they clearly said that Minecraft Bedrock 1.15 is not going to be and big update. There will be only some bug fixes and changes in Bedrock 1.16.

Minecraft Bedrock Nether Update Beta is going to be 1.16 update for bedrock edition. And now currently Java edition is also getting 1.16 update. So finally both editions will receive update with same number. There are many new additions in the Minecraft Nether Bedrock Update Beta version. We have already covered details of Minecraft 1.16 Nether Update Java. Now lets check whats new in this Minecraft Bedrock Nether Update Beta.

Minecraft Bedrock Nether Update Beta

Minecraft Bedrock Nether Update Beta

New Mobs

In  this Minecraft Bedrock Nether Update new mobs Piglins and Hoglins are added. They both are hostile mobs. Piglins are normally aggressive towards player, but if you are wearing gold armor they will not attack you. You can also barter with Piglin.

Hoglins are also hostile mob and attack player. You can breed hoglinbto get baby hoglin. Piglins and Hoglin attack each other.

Also Zombified Pigmen is now renamed as zombified Piglins.


Netherite is now strongest material in Minecraft. It can be only mada using ancient debris which only found in Nether. Using Netherite Ingot you can convert yout diamond tool into Netherite tool. Read More about How to Find Ancient Debris to make Netherite Tools.

New Biomes

Just like Java 1.16 update New Biomes are added in Minecraft Bedrock Nether Update Beta. These new biomes are:


These all three biomes are very different from each other.

Other Additions:

There are many new blocks are added. Also new sounds, control and villages are added. Many bug fixes from bedrock 1.15 are done in this update.

Minecraft Bedrock Nether Update Beta Download

After this Beta release all bedrock players excited to play this new update. But remember this is beta version means development is in progress. So you cant play with other player who are using regular version. You can get full information on downloading and Installing Bedrock Nether Update Beta Here.




This is a good update · May 7, 2020 at 6:23 pm

I think this will be the best game in the future.

DIMITRIS TSAGOS · May 27, 2020 at 12:13 pm


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