Minecraft Nether Update Download 2020 – Java 1.16 & Bedrock

It’s a new year and with this year Mojang has many surprises for Minecraft lovers, there are many games and updates releasing this year. Now one of them is your Minecraft 1.16 Nether update. Therefore here we have provided information on Minecraft Nether Update Download. Which is by far the most amazing one till now, it revolutionized the world of Minecraft. The value of things has changed in the game, so I’m pretty sure many of you would want to play it right as soon as possible in 2020.

Minecraft Nether Update Download
Minecraft Nether Update Download

While the game is not released there is no way you can play the full game but Mojang did release the snapshots 1.16 version of Minecraft nether update. So the question remains now is how to get Minecraft Nether Update Download for your pc. Yeah, free download as snapshots version is a trial version.

Minecraft Nether Update Download

Another thing about Minecraft Nether update is that you will be able to download the full version and order the full version for your PC, Xbox, and PS4 and on mobile for android apk and iOS. When the full version releases so everyone can have fun playing the game. Currently, there is a snapshot version that is available to download and to try and get a taste of the Minecraft 1.16 nether update. Many people from the Minecraft community have already downloaded the snapshots version of the game and they are already having fun.

So I will tell you how exactly you can download and install it. So you can also get the Minecraft Nether Update Download on your PC.

Now Minecraft Bedrock Nether Update Beta is also released. Below we have also given how can you download it for android or iOS to play bedrock edition nether update.

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How to download Nether Update 1.16

Minecraft Nether Update Download is super easy, just go to the official Minecraft website.

For Minecraft 1.16 Nether Update Java Edition Download – Click Here

If you are bedrock or pocket edition player then you can download Beta version of Minecraft nether update android apk and iOS.

For Android Nether Update APK Beta – Click Here

For iOS Nether Update Beta – Click Here

So once you finished downloading from your browser, just click to install and voila it’s done and now you can try the snapshot version of the game. Now it will run its protocol and download the Update files for you, it might take a little time depending on your internet speed also. So just wait for it to get downloaded and relax. Now what you downloaded and installed was not Minecraft Nether Update Download for your PC, it was the launcher of Minecraft. From here you just need to log in to the game and get your snapshot version downloaded from that Minecraft launcher.

Download Link for Java – Click Here

Minecraft Nether World 1.16

Before we get into how to Minecraft Nether Update Download, many of you must be wondering what is the game about? Also, what is so great about the game update. Well when you get the Minecraft Nether Update Download for your PC, you will be in another world. No, I’m not kidding as the update is all about adding another world called the nether world. Which is why the game update is called the Nether update. So in this game, you will get to see many different things like a new orb and a new world.

Piglins attacking Hoglins
Piglins attacking Hoglins

The portal that gets you to the nether world some new mobs like the hog line. 3 new different biomes waiting for you to explore them and the most important factor that made a massive change is your netherite.

Make Netherite in Minecraft from Ancient Debris
Make Netherite in Minecraft from Ancient Debris

The thing about netherite is that it’s made from ancient debris which is your ore that is found in the nether world. It takes hours to find one ancient debris ore, it’s super rare and that is what makes it more important that your diamond. So after the release of the Minecraft Nether update diamond won’t be the best thing to forge weapons and armors. Netherite will be the rarest and durable material to form any weapon or armor. The best about Netherite is that it won’t get burned in lava and also it looks really cool.

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